Patricia Nahmad is a renowned designer, founder of the successful brand «Queen of Queens Marbella». Fashion trendsetter, Patricia Nahmad’s influence is great in the Marbella Fashion system trough her 14 years of experience in handcrafted designs.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Patricia studied architecture and urbanism. She worked as interior designer from her 3 shops located in the heart of Buenos Aires in which she was selling the most exquisite collections of textiles, objects of art and custom made furniture, a key experience and influence in her long designer carrier.

Patricia’s interest in art started in a very early age, when, around 9 years old, she used to play manifacturing clothing for her friends. From the experience in theatre during her school time to the degree in Architecture, Patricia Nahmad, founder and designer of Queen of Queens Marbella, has influenced the style of the Marbella Jetset and lifestyle during the last 14 years.

Three words to describe your evolution and revolution trough the years: Cosmopolitan. Brave. Visionary. From your elegant handmade dresses collection «Patricia Nahmad Showroom» which wore many important international women in the sparkly Marbella background events and life style in the last decade, trough Like A Queen and the current Queen Of Queens Marbella handmade beachwear. Tell us about the transition trough the brands, what influenced you most? 

When I arrived in Marbella in 2002 I noticed that there were two different tendencies in night dresses: on the one hand the big brands which set the trends and were very expensive, and on the other hand those stores which sold a big variety of economical clothes but on a massive scale. I started to design night dresses which I brought from Buenos Aires, where the economical situation was very convenient with a great workforce, colourful and embroidered clothing, and this really marked a period in my life. Today all my designs are made in Spain. This is how Patricia Nahmad Collections was born, which later evolved to a brand named Astrid with the incorporation of my daughter Florencia, designer whose origins started with Valentino in Rome.

At the same time, since 2002, I also designed and developed a beach line, with caftans made of chiffon and silk, which had a lot of success at that moment and still have today. Women started dressing themselves beautifully to go to the beach or the pool, they stopped wearing boring clothes and found their style with the super comfortable caftans with vivid prints, embroideries and stones, and which made it possible for them to go directly to a restaurant or café after being at the pool, without the need to change clothes.

In 2013 I had the idea to incorporate accessories to my line, but always with the idea of high fashion design, and this is how the brand “Like a Quen” started, name which occurred to me after being the result of the first necklaces. This lasted until February 2016, when I took a qualitative leap and created Queen of Queens Marbella, a beach clothing line with dresses made of silk and accessories of high design but still at an affordable price.

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